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December 5, 2016
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December 5, 2016
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yinka ayefele

Early lifewwww

Ayefele was conceived in Ekiti State southwestern Nigeria and hails from Ipoti, a city in Ekiti State southwestern Nigeria. He had gone to Our Saviors Anglican Primary School in Ipoti-Ekiti for his essential and auxiliary training before he later continued to Ondo State College of Arts and Science in Ikare Akoko, Ondo State, Nigeria.

Profession and way of life

He started his music profession in 1997 after he was included in a car crash which harmed his spinal line and bound him to a wheelchair. While in the doctor’s facility in the wake of spending around 9 months, his companion, Kola Olawuyi went to him and prompted him to assemble a few tunes.

He later began music in December 12, 1999. It was at the Bitter Experience collection dispatch. He did the dispatch to raise subsidize for my treatment. After the dispatch individuals continued calling him to ask for more duplicates of the collection: “Ayefele we adore that collection and we have to get a greater amount of it”,

They would let me know every time they called. It urged him to accomplish more tunes and that was the reason he chose to truly go into music. After the dispatch of the collection, many individuals kept cash

for their duplicates. Along these lines, they rapidly backpedaled to create more duplicates. When he saw the acknowledgment of the primary work, he chose to go completely into music as his picked profession.

This recommendation brought about the arrival of his introduction collection titled, Bitter Experience in 1998 which brought him into spotlight. The arrival of Bitter experience was trailed by the arrival of Sweet Experience. Different collections discharged by the gospel artist are Something Else, Divine Intervention and Life after death, discharged to pay tribute to Gbenga Adeboye a Nigerian radio

moderator, artist and comic. The title Bitter Experience mirrored his difficulty and Sweet Experience was the sweetness after an “Astringent Experience”.

uncovering of his emotions after the mischance

“I had a decision – to bite the dust or to live. I lived. I would not like to end up distinctly an obligation. I chose to live and make it. I learnt how to play every single musical instrument all alone. I was in steady

agonies 24 hours – five of my ribs got softened up the mishap, however I needed to overlook my torments and move forward.”



challenges in his vocation

“The best test for me is robbery. Seeing the way individuals are tolerating my music, one would believe that Yinka Ayefele is a multi-tycoon. In any case, the way my music is seen is not the way I am harvesting from it. Theft has truly influenced my music. Fans who purchase these pilfered duplicates of my music wouldn’t fret, since they contain my music and picture. To me, that is the best issue. Another issue I am confronted with, particularly when I go for exhibitions here in Nigeria, is the Oraisasor Urchins. They generally request monetary settlements and in the wake of settling a gathering, another would demand that they are the correct gathering to be settled.

Honors and respects

He had gotten more than 200 honors. Among different honors are:

Individual from the Order of the Niger granted by Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (2011)

Ekiti social represetative honor and others.


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