Telecommunications in Nigeria has grown over the years and has now become the largest and fastest growing in Africa. Far reaching liberalisation which took place in 2001 has led to the entrance of investors in an independently regulated market. The sector saw triple digit growth rates in succession of five years after competition was introduced.

Before the liberalization of the industry, the Nigeria Telecommunication (NITEL) was the sole operator and this system was dogged by many challenges. But at the start of deregulation, companies such as MTN, Globacom, Econet and later Etisalat came on board.

According to latest figures from the Nigeria Communication Commission as of December 2015, there are 151 million active lines in Nigeria, out of which GSM services have 148 million lines.

The list of mobile telecom operators in Nigeria include:




Mtel (NITEL)

MTN Nigeria

Multilinks (Telkom)