The industry deals with the rearing of crops and livestock. It is also involved with agricultural by products such as leather. In Nigeria, this industry currently employs 30% of the population. It starts from the farmer and ends with consumer. Everyone involved in the process from storage, processing, transportation, to sale is a part of the agricultural industry.

It has been described as the future of Nigeria although the focus on oil has hampered growth in the industry. Challenges such as subsistence farming, lack of policy implementation, harsh business climate and poor access to credit also continue to plague the industry. This is in spite on the fact that the Nigeria Agricultural Development Bank is in operation.

The sector has potential for immense growth and employment for Nigeria. But as it stands, it is dominated by small and medium scale operators. These operators should be encouraged to grow and become big players in order to bring major competition and investments to the industry. Most of the present companies are located in Lagos. This shows that the hinterlands are still virgin territories and investment in these places where farms share close proximity will lead to tremendous yield in agriculture and ultimately the economy.

Some agricultural companies in Nigeria.

Afri Agri Products
Afri Agri Products is a foreign owned company based in Nigeria for exportation of agricultural commodities.

Agric International Technology & Trade Ltd.
Agric International Technology & Trade (Nigeria) Ltd. supply poultry and aquaculture products to arge, medium & and small farms, feed mills, nutrition & veterinary outlets

C. Woermann Nigeria Ltd
This company provides goods for agriculture and forestry such as tractors and motorised saw.

Dizengoff W.A. (Nigeria) Ltd.
It provides quality Agrochemicals for insect control, including herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and foliar fertilizers.

Eagle Wins Export
This is a food and agro-allied company who deals in import and export worldwide of agricultural commodities.

Golden Oil Industries Limited
Golden Oil Industries Limited is an edible oil’s industry, a vegetable oil processing oil extracted from soy beans and palm nuts in Lagos.

Jovana Farms Nigeria Limited
Jovana offers general services on fish farming, snail and grasscutter farming in Lagos Nigeria.

Livestock Feeds PLC
It offers services on production of livestock feeds.

Obasanjo Farms Nigeria Ltd
Located on Otta, Ogun State, it specialized in poultry and crop produce.

Thai Farm International Ltd
This is an agricultural servive company processing locally grown cassava tubers to produce high quality cassava flour.

Abtop Agriculture
Abtop Agric is an agrricultural company and establishment located in Iyana Ipaja, Lagos.

Agricpro company deals on agricultural produce such as groundnut, soya beans, seeds, peanut and more products.

Agricultural Management & Technical Services
This is an agricultural development service company based in Lagos.

Agrimech Nigeria Limited
Agrimech nigeria limited an agro support company in Lagos.

Batisal Nigeria Ltd
Batisal Nigeria Limited is an agricultural produce dealers based in Lagos, Nigeria.

Chalcedony Enterprises

Chalcedony Enterprises is a company dealing on general trading and importation, warehousing and export of agricultural products.

Divine Agric Resources Ltd
This is an agricutural produce company based in Lagos.

Enas Global Ventures
Enas Global Ventures Nigeria Limited is an agricultural service firm specializing in the distribution of agriculturral products.

Femi Ogunba Enterprises
Femi Ogunba Enterprises offers distribution of agricultural produce.

Frontline Farms Limited
Frontline Farms Limited is an agro producing firm based in Lagos.

Goodbreed Company Limited
Goodbreed Company Limited is an agricultural company that engages in fish farm services in Lagos.

Jerameed Agrollied Company
Jerameed Agrollied Company Limited is an agro allied company based in Lagos.

Ladgroup Nigeria Limited
Ladgroup Nigeria Limited an agro based firm in Lagos.

Mayfair Agro-Allied Nigeria Ltd
Mayfair is an agro allied company producing Marie Custard Powder

Nidat Limited
Nidat Nigeria Limited is an agricultural company based in lagos.

ORC Fishing & Food Processing Co
ORC, an Agricultural service company based in Lagos.

Peacecamp Global Investment
Peacecamp Global Investment Nigeria Limited is an agricultural produce company based in Lagos.

Qaxport International Enterprises
An agricultural company that deals on the marketing and processing of agricultural produce in Nigeria.

Real Oil Mills Nigeria Limited
Limited is a vegetable processing and marketing company based in Lagos.

Stanmark Cocoa Processing Company
Stanmark Cocoa Processing Company Limited is a farm that deals on cocoa processing and exportation.

Star Rays Reign Company
Star Rays Reign Company Limited is a fishery firm establishment based in Lagos.

Stephlom Resources Ventures
Stephlom Resources Ventures Limited is an agricultural produce dealers based in Lagos.

The Candel Company Limited
The Candel Company Limited offers agricultural services such as d production of agricultural chemicals in Lagos State.

Ultilex Farm Limited
This agric firm offers general services on Food Processing Consultancy, Fish Pond Construction and distribution of food produce in Lagos.

Woodgate International Limited
Woodgate International Limited deals on agricultural produce such as cocoa.

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